Overview is the best site on the web for finding out information on the McDonalds Monopoly competition, hosted each year across the continent. We pride ourselves in getting the latest information, sticker information and prize information. We have a large following online and focus soley on McDonald’s and their campaigns across the world.

Site Background/History

Today more than 800,000 people have relied on our site to provide useful competition updates. Our site launched 2 years ago with very little content and small competition information. Today we publish polls, and engage with our users directly to provide an even better experience. After a very successful first year we re-built the website with our users in mind. Our readers want advice on the game in their country and we are constantly helping to provide this.

Visitor Statistics

Our visitors are enthusiastic pro-active customers of the McDonalds brand. Our average visitor ranges from the age of 18-40, and is male. We are blessed with a fantastic range of traffic. Depending on where the competition is running depends on our traffic. The majority of our traffic comes from the United States, however we peak at certain times of the year in Europe, Australia and the United Kingdom specifically.

Ad Placement and Pricing

Advertising is offered in a variety of sizes, placements, and price points. Please contact us today to find out about our advertising and prices.

Competition Peaks

Our traffic heavily spikes during competitions.

Daily Averages: Daily we receive on average 4000 unique visits and on average 10,000-15,000 page views.

Monthly Averages: On a monthly basis depending on competition location we can have accumulated anything from 100,000 pageviews right up to 1 million page views.

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