Macca’s McDonalds Monopoly Prizes 2015

Macca’s Monopoly 2015 has kicked off in Australia! Head down to your local participating McDonald’s and you could be in for a change to win some fantastic prizes.


McDonalds Monopoly Australia Rare Pieces 2014

It’s that time of year again folk and McDonalds Monopoly is starting right here in Australia! We bring you a complete list of rare pieces and stickers for the 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly Competition!


McDonalds Drive-Thru Competition

A new type of competition has sparked at McDonalds Australia. It’s called Drive-Thru to Win!
From the 25th of September to the 5th November, customers who Drive-Thru at participating McDonalds Restaurants, receive a gamecard upon purchase with a unique code on it. Entering this online will put you into a daily/weekly draw for a chance to win!


[POLL] What Sets Are You Near Completing?

We’d love to hear what sets your nearing completing or what stickers you need to complete a set!

So simply check the buttons below that apply to you and vote :) The vote will last till the end of the competition so get voting quick :)


McDonalds Monopoly Australia Prizes

McDonalds Monopoly Australia kicks off with even more prizes this year! McDonalds and Monopoly are giving away over $90 Million of prizes! The prizes are fantastic and include two Kia Rio’s to win plus 1000s of dollars too!


How To Get McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces Australia

McDonalds Monopoly Australia has kicked off for the first part of 2013. Below is a list of all the McDonalds product you can get some stickers from! Use these stickers to earn you prizes!


Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces Australia 2013

Its a new year and a new round of McDonalds Monopoly! It’s kicking off in Australia for the next few months so as usual we’ve comprised a list of the Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces Australia!