Guaranteed Win Prizes Yet To See Significant Win

We’ve recently been keeping our eye on McDonald’s newest scheme to the McDonald’s Monopoly Competition the Guaranteed Wins. You may not already know but this year you can enter your sticker codes online but each entry guarantees you a win.


McDonald’s Reveal the Prizes Won & Where

7 Days into this years McDonalds Monopoly UK, we can finally start to see what prizes have been claimed, where they was claimed and whats left to claim! (That’s a lot of claim’s :))


McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes Rare Stickers Confirmed

We’ve done a lot of eating, drinking and in turn need to go to the gym, but we’ve completed the official McDonald’s Monopoly online gameboard. In doing so we can confirm ALL rare pieces as the online gameboard show what you’ve collected :) (and what prizes you’ve won see: this post.)


What Stickers Have You Got Today? [POLL]

It’s the second day of the competition and as one of the biggest fansites online we want to know what stickers you’ve gotten today :) Just enter in the poll today and comment below if you’ve won anything!!


Guaranteed Wins When You Join McDonalds Monopoly Official

This year something new McDonalds & Monopoly have brought to the competition is the ability to sign up online and enter your codes. (Ok thats not new but what is?) Well now when you enter your code online you’ll get a GUARANTEED win. There are some really cool prizes to be won this way, in previous years of the competition entering a code online only gave you a chance to win. Now you’ll win no matter what! Take a look at the instant win online prize list to see how many and just what are up for grabs.


McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes Rare Pieces 2013

We’ve got our hands on the official prize list for the McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes competition 2013, and now we have our hands on the official McDonalds Monopoly 2013 rare stickers list!

If you have got a rare piece or rare sticker and want to tell us about it! Or you’re piece isnt on the rare list but you think it should be comment below :)


McDonald’s release Monopoly TV Advert 2013

We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled on the McDonalds UK official youtube channel and we spotted today that they’ve uploaded the TV advert that kicks off this years McDonalds Monopoly.

Its a fantastic advert, we’ve been seeing it on TV all weeks and have been waiting for them to upload it, so we can share it with the fans of this site!


McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes Starts Today!

So folks today’s the day McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes Starts in the UK. 2013 has already been a great start to the competition as Australia saw millions of prizes won!

We’ve got a list of rare stickers you should check it out if you want to see if you’ve won! Also if your interested in the 2013 prize list then check that out too :)