Prize Vault Monopoly is Coming to McDonald’s!

The well known world-wide McDonald’s Monopoly competition is coming on the 19th March 2014 to the UK in the form of “Prize Vault Monopoly”. In the UK McDonald’s regularly theme the competition, last year we had “McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes” and this year it’s the Prize Vault. But what does it mean?


McFlurry Music Mix Up

McDonald’s latest promotion comes in the form of the McFlurry Music Mix Up. In this new promotion McFlurry eaters will be given a QR code to scan on their McFlurry box.


Guaranteed Win Prizes Yet To See Significant Win

We’ve recently been keeping our eye on McDonald’s newest scheme to the McDonald’s Monopoly Competition the Guaranteed Wins. You may not already know but this year you can enter your sticker codes online but each entry guarantees you a win.


McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes Rare Stickers Confirmed

We’ve done a lot of eating, drinking and in turn need to go to the gym, but we’ve completed the official McDonald’s Monopoly online gameboard. In doing so we can confirm ALL rare pieces as the online gameboard show what you’ve collected :) (and what prizes you’ve won see: this post.)


Guaranteed Wins When You Join McDonalds Monopoly Official

This year something new McDonalds & Monopoly have brought to the competition is the ability to sign up online and enter your codes. (Ok thats not new but what is?) Well now when you enter your code online you’ll get a GUARANTEED win. There are some really cool prizes to be won this way, in previous years of the competition entering a code online only gave you a chance to win. Now you’ll win no matter what! Take a look at the instant win online prize list to see how many and just what are up for grabs.


McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes Rare Pieces 2013

We’ve got our hands on the official prize list for the McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes competition 2013, and now we have our hands on the official McDonalds Monopoly 2013 rare stickers list!

If you have got a rare piece or rare sticker and want to tell us about it! Or you’re piece isnt on the rare list but you think it should be comment below :)


McDonald’s confirms that its burgers are 100% beef

With the recent news about horsemeat being found in a wide range of beed products McDonald’s felt it was their turn to let consumers know just what their mean contains, and are proud to say its 100% British and Irish beef (for UK stores). McDonald’s have long been recognised for having a first class beef supply chain.


[POLL] What Sets Are You Near Completing?

We’d love to hear what sets your nearing completing or what stickers you need to complete a set!

So simply check the buttons below that apply to you and vote :) The vote will last till the end of the competition so get voting quick :)


Two McDonald’s Fiat 500s Left To Win

Thats right folks! Only two Fiat 500s are left for you to get your grubby greasy McDonald Monopoly fingers on! :)

At the beginning of the competition 10 vehicles where up for grabs and only half way through 8 have been claimed!


Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces 2012

We’ve managed to get our hands on the list of pieces from this years McDonald’s Monopoly that are rare (the ones that bag you the prizes!).