McDonald’s Reveal the Prizes Won & Where

7 Days into this years McDonalds Monopoly UK, we can finally start to see what prizes have been claimed, where they was claimed and whats left to claim! (That’s a lot of claim’s :))


McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes Won So Far

We here to just shed some light on a sprinkle of the millions of prizes won so far on this years McDonald’s Monopoly Competition.

To start of some of the prizes won this year (so far) we want to let everyone know that McDonalds have given away over 5 Fiat 500’s! They’ve also given away 10x$500 in cash! If your a lucky winner we’d love to hear from you below!


Only 1 Mini Cooper Left To Be Won

Congratulations to 10 lucky winners so far, we’ve received news that there are only 10 Mini Coopers left!

If you know of or are a lucky winner of one of these Mini’s comment below we’d love to hear from you.