Prize Choice Monopoly – Prizes!

Find out what prizes you can win this year for the Prize Choice Monopoly competition.

We’ve listed some of the prizes you can win this year (the ones we really love) and also we tell you how you can win McDonald’s Monopoly prizes!


Macca’s McDonalds Monopoly Prizes 2015

Macca’s Monopoly 2015 has kicked off in Australia! Head down to your local participating McDonald’s and you could be in for a change to win some fantastic prizes.


McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances Prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances starts on the 18th of March 2015, and the prizes just keep getting better! We’ve put a list together of all the prizes you can win this year, and how to win prizes in the McDonalds Monopoly competition!


[POLL] What stickers have you got today?

It’s day two of the McDonald’s Monopoly Prize Vault competition and the party has just got started! We’re going to start an annual poll, where you tell us what stickers you’ve won each day you play! Some stickers are instant wins, some are properties. So we have listed all of the stickers below.


McDonalds Drive-Thru Competition

A new type of competition has sparked at McDonalds Australia. It’s called Drive-Thru to Win!
From the 25th of September to the 5th November, customers who Drive-Thru at participating McDonalds Restaurants, receive a gamecard upon purchase with a unique code on it. Entering this online will put you into a daily/weekly draw for a chance to win!


What are the Chances of Winning McDonalds Monopoly

We’ve got some intel for you, and just to start off and put you out of your misery (if you are miserable that is!) the chances of winning ANY, of the non-rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces is 1 in 11. That of course is just an estimate, but what about the rare McDonald’s Monopoly pieces, what are their odds.


McFlurry Music Mix Up

McDonald’s latest promotion comes in the form of the McFlurry Music Mix Up. In this new promotion McFlurry eaters will be given a QR code to scan on their McFlurry box.


McDonald’s Reveal the Prizes Won & Where

7 Days into this years McDonalds Monopoly UK, we can finally start to see what prizes have been claimed, where they was claimed and whats left to claim! (That’s a lot of claim’s :))


McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes Rare Stickers Confirmed

We’ve done a lot of eating, drinking and in turn need to go to the gym, but we’ve completed the official McDonald’s Monopoly online gameboard. In doing so we can confirm ALL rare pieces as the online gameboard show what you’ve collected :) (and what prizes you’ve won see: this post.)


Guaranteed Wins When You Join McDonalds Monopoly Official

This year something new McDonalds & Monopoly have brought to the competition is the ability to sign up online and enter your codes. (Ok thats not new but what is?) Well now when you enter your code online you’ll get a GUARANTEED win. There are some really cool prizes to be won this way, in previous years of the competition entering a code online only gave you a chance to win. Now you’ll win no matter what! Take a look at the instant win online prize list to see how many and just what are up for grabs.