Guaranteed Win Prizes Yet To See Significant Win

Are Guaranteed Wins A Good Way To Play?

We’ve recently been keeping our eye on McDonald’s newest scheme to the McDonald’s Monopoly Competition the Guaranteed Wins. You may not already know but this year you can enter your sticker codes online but each entry guarantees you a win.

The prizes include an abundance of discounts, free photos, coupon codes and what we like to call generic prizes, but it also has some amazing rare prizes such as:

  • A F1 Racing Day
  • 50x iPads
  • 50x Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
  • Digital Cameras
  • iPod Nanos

And of course a whole lot more ! (see our full list of McDonalds Monopoly Fortunes Prizes here)

But Heres The Catch

Nearly two weeks into the competition, not one single rare guaranteed prize has been claimed. These are issued automatically upon entering your sticker code. So there isnt a great deal you can do to increase your chances of winning. We have of course entered over 200 stickers into our account and can guess that the total number of online entries is within the 100,000-200,000 mark. But not one single “rare prize” as we like to call them has been issued by McDonald’s

So What Are They Waiting For

Perhaps we aren’t eating enough food for these prizes to be won, or perhaps McDonald’s are waiting to release these prizes into the pool. We’d love to hear from an official McDonalds Spokesperson if they can tell us how prizes are issued online :) That may never happen but we thought we’d write about it :p

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