How To Play

How to play McDonald’s Monopoly

To start playing McDonalds Monopoly 2016, simply visit your local store and purchase a meal that gives away stickers. Once you have your meal, peel back the sticker to reveal your prize.

If you have received a property sticker, you’ll need to collect the rest of the properties to win a the prize. These are called “Collect To win” prizes.

Each sticker will have a secret code written on it, you may enter this online to see if you have won an Online Prize.

Instant win prizes will be shown on your sticker, so you’ll know if you have instantly won a fabulous prize!

What is a rare piece?

Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces are the key stickers you will need to win a McDonald’s Monopoly prize. Typically, McDonald’s will release millions of ‘non-rare’ pieces. You’ll find that you will receive this more often in-stores over the rare pieces.

If there are 15 prizes to be won for a certain group, typically there will only be 15 rare pieces across the country. Finding a rare pieces significantly increases your chance of winning a prize.

Once you have a rare piece, you’ll need to obtain the remaining non-rare pieces to finally nab your chance at winning!

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