McDonald’s confirms that its burgers are 100% beef

With the recent news about horsemeat being found in a wide range of beed products McDonald’s felt it was their turn to let consumers know just what their mean contains, and are proud to say its 100% British and Irish beef (for UK stores). McDonald’s have long been recognised for having a first class beef supply chain.

McDonald’s recently sent (like all UK companies) all of their beef products off to have DNA tests run, and the results as we are told by Jill McDonald, the UKs CEO have confirmed there is no horsemeat found.

All of the results are now back with us and I am pleased to say that they confirm what we already knew, there is no horsemeat in any of our burgers.

We’d just like to say a big well done to McDonald’s and their cooperation seems to have been amazing during this scandal that is revealing across Europe.

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