McDonalds Drive-Thru Competition

A new type of competition has sparked at McDonalds Australia. It’s called Drive-Thru to Win!

From the 25th of September to the 5th November, customers who Drive-Thru at participating McDonalds Restaurants, receive a gamecard upon purchase with a unique code on it. Entering this online will put you into a daily/weekly draw for a chance to win!

What are the prizes

Apart from being able to win a Hyundai i30 players can also win a $50 Caltex StarCash Cards! So theres no excuse not to enter people! Every day the winners are published online, so make sure to check you could see your name there! Be sure to enter your codes online every time you get one.


How Do You Enter Your Codes

It’s quite simple actually, McDonald’s have setup a dedicated site for the Drive-Thru Competition, so on your gamecard, check the URL shown and visit that from your smartphone or desktop or even laptop!

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