McDonalds Monopoly Canada Prizes 2013

McDonald’s Monopoly (The Canadian Game) has just started, and whilst we are gathering our intel, we thought it would be useful to publish the Prizes that you can win this year! As always there are several ways you can win prizes in the McDonalds Monopoly competition. This year the Canadian prizes are split into three groups. Food Prizes, Instant Wins, Collect to Win.

Collect to win prizes

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PrizeOdds To WinPrizes Available
Twenty-Five Dollar ($25) McDonald’s® Card1 in 119,3153000
Fifty Dollar ($50) McDonald’s® Card1 in 620,3412000
Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000)1 in 620,153,0522
Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) Walmart® Gift Card1 in 325,254,7011
Trip for two (2) with Delta Vacations1 in 162,627,3512
Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000)1 in 626,464,0004
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000)1 in 256,261,5854
2013 FIAT® 500 POP Vehicle1 in 325,254,7011
One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000)1 in 68,803,9861

How To Win at McDonalds Monopoly

Each year it gets easier to win at the McDonald’s Monopoly Competition, believe it or not! This year we’ve got our hands on the odds you face to win a “Rare Piece”. Rare Pieces are the final piece to the collection that you’ll need in order to win that prize.

With Collect To Win prizes you’ll need to collect the whole set, before you can claim the prize. Whilst this isnt easy, there are plenty of other opportunities for winning in the competition. There is a 1 in 4 chance of winning a prize, (most likely though this will be a food prize).

Instant win prizes

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PrizeOdds To WinPrizes Available
Five Dollar ($5) McDonald’s® Card1 in 1,72140,000
Ten Dollar ($10) Walmart® Gift Card1 in 8,6018000
Twenty Dollar ($20) Walmart® Gift Card1 in 4,04817,000
Hasbro® MONOPOLY® Millionaire Game1 in 101,932675
Trip for two (2) with Delta Vacations1 in 162,627,3512
Snapfish® 4”x 6” Layflat Photo Book1 in 691,000,000
Fifty Dollar ($50) Walmart® Gift Card1 in 393,166175
Fifty Dollar ($50) McDonald’s® Card1 in 34,4022000
EA SPORTS™ NHL® 14 Video Game1 in 68,8041000
One Hundred Dollar ($100) Interac Flash™ Enabled Purchase Debit Card1 in 68,8041000
EA SPORTS™ MVP Carbon by Monster® Headset1 in 688,040100
Five Hundred Dollar ($500) Walmart® Gift Card1 in 6,880,39910
Beaches® Resorts Luxury Included® Vacation 1 in 6,880,39910
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000)1 in 6,880,39910
2013 FIAT® 500 POP Vehicle1 in 34,401,9932
Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000)1 in 17,200,9974

Lastly, food prize. McDonalds are giving away approximately, 17,036,364 (all instant wins). This just goes to show the shear volumes of prizes available in this years Canadian competition. McDonalds Monopoly Canada is going to be an interesting competition.

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  1. Alex D
    Alex D says:


    last year we were able to use the codes on the game pieces and enter them online to try and win more prizes. This doesn’t seem available this year. Can you confirm?


  2. Hope
    Hope says:

    You can only enter it there if its a “winning” code (instant or combination stamp win). I don’t think theres the “online game” this year.. where you could enter EVERY code and “roll the dice” and possibly win other stuff too..

  3. Ben
    Ben says:

    I have an instant win and I know it says go online and enter your Code, but where?………talk about frustrating…..any help out there

  4. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    There is not an online game this year, only “instant wins” or winning by collecting all properties of a certain colour. I found this out by looking at the contest rules. Super lame of McDonalds to get rid of the online aspect of monopoly. :(

  5. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    i have an instant win coupon for the snapfish photo album. do i need to have all photos ready to claim the prize or can i claim the item and download them later

  6. cez
    cez says:

    Snapfish Layflat Photo Book. One Million (1,000,000*) Prizes available, Delivered ARV: .98. The Odds of winning are approximately 1 in 69*. Each winner will receive a 20-page, 4-inch by 6-inch Layflat booklet, including standard shipping from Snapfish See Rule 6B(iv)(a) for redemption instructions and Rule 7B(i) for Prize details.

  7. Cathie Gray
    Cathie Gray says:

    I won a Beaches Vacation the second day of contest. Started with online redemption then mailing a registered letter. No verification of win until after promotion closes. The waiting is too much and not knowing what location is suspenseful. Good Luck all.

  8. John
    John says:

    called head office there is no code entering, Canadian costumers do not get to play the enter codes games this year boohoo but you think they would at least post it on the site nice eh!

  9. claudia
    claudia says:

    Claudia , Chicoutimi , (QC), j’aimerais comprendre comment jouer et comment gagner vous vous forcez pas pour parler français en tout cas . bye