McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances Prizes

McDonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances starts on the 18th of March 2015, and the prizes just keep getting better! We’ve put a list together of all the prizes you can win this year, and how to win prizes in the McDonalds Monopoly competition!

How to Win – McDonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances

There are three ways to win in this years competition. They are broken down into the following categories.

Collect To Win Game Stickers

These stickers feature in a Monopoly property set, for example the oranges. You’ll need to collect all of the property pieces to create a “set”. You usually find that there is one hard piece to get ahold of, we call that a rare piece. Check our rare pieces list out to quickly see if you’re in for a chance of winning. Collect to win pieces also have their own prize pool, take a look below to see what you can win.

Online Game Stickers

Each online piece has a unique 10 character-long code. You enter this on the McDonald’s Monopoly website between 11am on the 18th March 2015, and 23:59:59pm on 28th of April 2015. Online Game Stickers enter you into a prize pool to win cash! Check below for the list of prizes you can win!

Instant Win Game Stickers

Instant win stickers are game pieces that will instantly tell you if you have won a prize. There is a separate prize pool for these pieces, check the prize list below and see what you can win! You’ll get these pieces from any participating product sold in a McDonald’s store.

Instant Win Sticker Prizes

  • 150x Raleigh Bike
  • 5x Mini Cooper
  • 1x £100k Cash
  • 2,00x £30 voucher
  • 100x £500 Shopping Spree
  • 10x VIP Film Premiere
  • 375x Samsung NX Mini Camera
  • 1,000x £200 For Passing Go
  • 2,200x £100 Red Letter Day
  • 650x £100
  • 7,200x £50 Towards Your Bills
  • 750x Portable Phone Charger
  • 10,000x Pair of Cinema Tickets
  • 600x Hotel Break at Best Western
  • 3,000x 80th Anniversary Edition of the MONOPOLY Board Game

Collect to Win Sticker Prizes [Properties]

  • 4x £100,000 [Purple Properties]
  • 15x Mini Cooper [Green Properties]
  • 20x VIP Film Premiere [Yellow Properties]
  • 400x £500 Shopping Spree [Red Properties]
  • 750x easyJet European Holiday [Stations Properties]
  • 750x Samsung NX Mini Camera [Orange Properties]
  • 1500x Sennheiser Urbanite Headphones [Pink Properties]
  • 7500x £30 voucher [Blue Properties]
  • 50,000x Urbanz Stereo Wireless Speaker [Brown Properties]

Online Game Sticker Prizes

Cash Prize# Available to win

Other Prizes

There are also a whole host of food prizes to be won for use at McDonald’s stores. Like burgers, drinks, and even ice creams! We won’t list them all here but if you get any stickers don’t forget to tell us in our Golden Chances Poll!

Happy eating, and comment below, to help other fellow contestants!

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  1. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    hi there,

    I have a orange sticker with title Vine Street Samsung Camera M610, did i win anything? Can you please let me know what does it mean?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      You’ll need to contact your local store or visit the official McDonald’s Monopoly website for more information. Congratulations though!! :)

  2. Amanda gerges
    Amanda gerges says:

    I’m pulling my hair out I have a £200 for passing go ticket, mine is a 8 digit code and on line they want a 10 digit code helllllpp

  3. Alex Tovey
    Alex Tovey says:

    Five pound prezzybox voucher towards something I neither want or need, plus post and packing. Good prize McDonald’s (not!).


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