How To Get McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces Australia

McDonalds Monopoly Australia has kicked off for the first part of 2013. Below is a list of all the McDonalds product you can get some stickers from! Use these stickers to earn you prizes!

We are still gathering information if you have any help please comment below!

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    • Monopoly Millions
      Monopoly Millions says:

      Ooops! Thank you for the heads up! We’ve typed “Australia” a lot today must have slipped our fingers :)! If you have any news or updates please feel free to let us know! :)

  1. Camilla
    Camilla says:

    Hi there! Id just like to know how many Park lanes there are out there? Is it first in with the set or is the literally only one park lane out there? Also theres alot of bogus park lanes being sold on gumtree. Dodgy!!!


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