McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes Won So Far

We here to just shed some light on a sprinkle of the millions of prizes won so far on this years McDonald’s Monopoly Competition.

Big Monopoly Prizes Won

To start of some of the prizes won this year (so far) we want to let everyone know that McDonalds have given away over 5 Fiat 500’s! They’ve also given away 10x$500 in cash! If your a lucky winner we’d love to hear from you below!

Other Prizes Won So Far

All prizes won are an achievement so well done if you’ve bagged yourself some goodies in this years Monopoly Competition.

  • Over 200 NHL clothing accessories have been won!
  • Over 600,000 MCR Points have been cashed in!
  • Over 66,000 EA Sports Codes have been redeemed!
  • OVer 300 $50 Cash Prizes have been claimed!

Tons and tons more McDonald prizes have been claimed and we’d love to list them all but we just cant! However please do comment below if you’d like to us to list your prize won!

Download the full game board now – McDonald’s Monopoly Game Board USA 2012 to check to see if you’ve bagged a prize!

How To Win

Peel To Win

Peel Game Stamps from selected food items to see if you’ve won, or collected a property piece.

Instant Win or Collect To Win

Millions of Instant Win prizes are just a peel away! Collect all properties in a specific color set (or the four railroads) to win great prizes! Keep track of all your properties on your Game Board.

Play Online

Enter your 11-digit Online Game Code to play McDonald’s Online Game for a chance to win one of over a million prizes.

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