McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Pieces

McDonald’s Monopoly is back in the USA and we’ve already (before the competition has even started!) published the McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Pieces for this year’s 2013 USA competition!

The prizes are absolutely fantastic this year, will you be lucky enough to land the 1 million dollar prize or even the brand new 2014 Fiat 500? The only way to know is to play of course!

Official McDonalds Monopoly Rare Pieces

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Rare PropertyPrize# of Rare Pieces
Mediterranean Avenue$1,00020 Rare Pieces [Brown Property Set]
Vermont Avenue$5,00015 Rare Pieces [Blue Property Set]
Virginia Avenue$10,0001 Rare Piece [Pink Property Set]
Tennessee AvenueSuper Bowl XLVIII Trip150 Rare Pieces [Orange Property Set]
Kentucky AvenueDelta Vacations Trip40 Rare Pieces [Red Property Set]
Ventnor Avenue$20,0002 Rare Pieces [Yellow Property Set]
Pennsylvania Avenue2014 FIAT® 500L15 Rare Pieces [Green Property Set]
Boardwalk $1,000,0002 Rare Pieces [Dark Blue Property Set]
Short LineShell Fuel for a Year4 Rare Pieces [Stations Property Set]

Rare Pieces Explained

This year the competition seems to have turned online. Less prizes are being one with rare pieces and more McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes are being one online (or instantly!) In order to win you need to collect all pieces of a set. For example to win the Super Bowl Trip, you’ll need: St. James Place (#439), Tennessee Avenue (#440), and New York Avenue (#441).

What Are The Odds of Winning

For the first time ever McDonald’s Monopoly have released the statistics and odds of winning the prizes, we’ve composed this into an article for ease of reading but its truly fascinating.

Complete Property Pieces and Sets

We thought it would be real easy if we made another table like the one above showing all of the Monopoly Pieces you need to collect to win each prize, the information on this page is correct and verified with McDonalds website.

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McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces 2013
Mediterranean Avenue (#431) and Baltic Avenue (#432)[Brown Property Set]
Oriental Avenue (#433), Vermont Avenue (#434), and Connecticut Avenue (#435) [Blue Property Set]
St. Charles Place (#436), States Avenue (#437), and Virginia Avenue (#438) [Pink Property Set]
St. James Place (#439), Tennessee Avenue (#440), and New York Avenue (#441) [Orange Property Set]
Kentucky Avenue (#442), Indiana Avenue (#443), and Illinois Avenue (#444) [Red Property Set]
Atlantic Avenue (#445), Ventnor Avenue (#446), and Marvin Gardens (#447) [Yellow Property Set]
Pacific Avenue (#448), North Carolina Avenue (#449), and Pennsylvania Avenue (#450) [Green Property Set]
Park Place (#451) and Boardwalk (#452) [Dark Blue Property Set]
Reading Railroad (#453), Pennsylvania Railroad (#454), B&O Railroad (#455), and Short Line (#456) [Stations Property Set]

Think You Have A Rare Piece?

As always we love hearing from YOU and we would love to know if you have won anything so please comment below its quick and easy!

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Are people actually asking for Boardwalk?
    The chances of getting Boardwalk are LESS than 1 in 100 million. To put that in perspective: Imagine placing $1 bills around the perimeter of the United States. Literally, placing $1 bills around around the 48 contiguous states, end to end so that they’re touching, going down the East Coast, around Florida and the Gulf, around Texas, up the West Coast, and across the United States/Canadian border.

    Now let’s say just ONE of these $1 bills is the “winner”. You have a greater chance, walking along this over 8,000 mile line of $1 bills of picking up the single correct dollar than you do of any individual game-piece being Boardwalk.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    I have a lot of duplicate game pieces. If anyone would like to know what duplicate game pieces I have for other game pieces plz contact me and we can work out a trade. Txt only for info on duplicate game pieces. 2605572985. Never know, the game piece I have might be ur ticket to a winner

  3. Babs
    Babs says:

    I am missing Pennsylvania and short line 524&526, ventor 516, Pennsylvania ave 520, Virginia Ave 508, water company, and Tennessee Ave. I will be willing to patner up with one or more to make this work I am in Florida. I have duplicates that I can give. email me

  4. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    If anyone is willing to trade any pieces my email is
    I need:
    -Vermont ave & Connecticut ave
    -Board walk
    -Pennsylvania Ave
    -Water Works & Electric Company
    – Kentucky & Indiana Ave
    – Tennessee Ave
    – Virginia Ave

  5. Maalik Harut
    Maalik Harut says:

    I need :Short line ,Pennsylvania ave, Boardwalk , Vermont Ave ,Kentucky ave, Ventnor ave, Tennessee ave, willing to trade

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