McDonald’s Reveal the Prizes Won & Where

7 Days into this years McDonalds Monopoly UK, we can finally start to see what prizes have been claimed, where they was claimed and whats left to claim! (That’s a lot of claim’s :))

Another new feature to this years website is the ability to see on a map of the United Kingdom what prizes have been won and exactly where it was claimed! From what we can see on the interactive map (shown below) the Main Rare Prizes seem to be claimed from the norther and southern parts of the country. Whilst London doesn’t seem to be the place to be for claiming a rare prize it’s certainly taking lead with food prizes.

We aren’t entirely sure how McDonald’s distribute the winning stickers but this data does start to give us an idea where lucky citys are!

Currently if you live in Newport/Brecon the chances of you winning a digital camcorder or rare prize is higher than London. (This is going purely off of the data :)). Remember its a case of luck, and being in the place at the right time.

Some Interesting Facts

A Whopping 10,000 Big Macs have been claimed. Over 12,000 Apple Pies humbly digested A phenomenal 13,000 Soft Drinks downed and over 9000 Cheeseburgers swallowed. :p

Rare Prize Facts

So far (as of 27/03/13):

  • 5 of 100 Mini Laptops have been claimed
  • 21 of 200 CamCorders have been claimed
  • 647 of 50,000 Urbanz headphones have been claimed
  • in total over 110,000 prizes claimed

These stats are fantastic for the first 7 days :) Keep Eating, Drinking, and claiming those stickers guys :)

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