Monopoly Millions 2012 Prizes

McDonalds Monopoly USA Prizes

This year McDonalds Monopoly are giving away Millions of prizes! The Prizes have been split into three categories. Online Cash Prizes, Instant Wins and Collect To win.

Below is a list of all prizes available per category

Online Cash Prizes

Up for grabs in this category are:

  • Over 40,000 £10 Prizes
  • Over 10,000 £20 Prizes
  • Over 5000 £50 Prizes
  • Over 1000 £200 Prizes

To Claim an online cash prize you must enter your code online at McDonalds Monopoly Website.

Collect To Win Prizes

Up for grabs in this category are:

  • 10 £50,000 Cash Prizes
  • 10 Mini Coupes
  • 750 iPads
  • 1200 Weekend Breaks
  • 500 HD Cam Corders
  • 1000 Samsung Galazy Y Pro’s
  • 500 £250 Vouchers
  • 50,000 iPod Docking Stations
  • 600 PS3’s

To Claim your prize you must enter your codes online at McDonalds

Monopoly Website.

Instant Win Prizes

In addition to all the prizes above you can instantly win all Collect To Win prizes. There are also Millions of other instant win prizes such as:

  • Boots Vouchers
  • Player.Com Vouchers
  • BuyAGift Discount Vouchers
  • The Sims 3 Pets Game
  • LoveFilm Vouchers
  • Food Vouchers
  • Best Western Vouchers
  • 3D Tvs
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  1. Amber Mae
    Amber Mae says:

    I’ve never won anything at all from this mcdonalds monopoly game! I think they choose the places they send the winning game pieces to. I’m considering not eating there at all just to avoid the game.