Only 1 Mini Cooper Left To Be Won

Congratulations to 10 lucky winners so far, we’ve received news that there are only 10 Mini Coopers left!

If you know of or are a lucky winner of one of these Mini’s comment below we’d love to hear from you.

Other Prizes Left

Taking a look at other prizes won from the Monopoly Millions 2012 competition shows us that:

  • Over 600 iPad’s have been claimed
  • Over 450 CamCorders have been claimed
  • Over 500 Playstation 3′ have been claimed
  • Over 30,000 £10’s have been claimed!!

There are plenty more prizes claimed we have calculated that McDonalds have lived up to there word and truely given away Millions of prizes.

Comment below if you are one of the lucky lucky winners!!

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  1. Eleanor Shaw
    Eleanor Shaw says:

    My code on my packet of chips says M517 and it says I need M517 to win but had no clue how to claim, is this a marketing scam? I still have the ticket but somehow really don’t believe I’ve won! He He

  2. JS
    JS says:

    Last night I went on a mcdees run, One of our pops ended up with boardwalk, This morning, going for hashbrowns and pop for the park place..wish luck