[POLL] What is your Favourite Maccies Desert?

desertIt’s time for another poll folks! This time we want to know what desert you love most from your local McDonalds Austria Store!

Our Australian correspondants tell us that there is a McFlurry Bubble Gum squash?! We never get that in Europe thats for sure! So if your a hot fudge sundae lover, or a naughty apple pie muncher we’d love to know :)!

What is your Favourite Maccies Desert?

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You may only pick one answer! Greedy!

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  1. Gaye Clements
    Gaye Clements says:

    I would have thought someone would have picked up your spelling of dessert. When I read it I thought you were joking or it was a one off error. I guess spelling doesn’t matter any more.