Prize Choice Monopoly – Prizes!

Prize Choice Monopoly started in the UK on the 16th March 2016. We aren’t sure how they’ve done it, but the team at McDonald’s have managed to pull off an even bigger competition, with fantastic prizes that you – the winners get to choose! Will it be a Sony TV or a Sound system? A holiday but you pick the winning destination? Or a MINI, and of course, you get to pick the configuration from winning choices. It really is a Prize Choice Monopoly, and the prizes really are fantastic.

We’ve listed some of the prizes you can win this year (the ones we really love) and also we tell you how you can win McDonald’s Monopoly prizes!

How to Win McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes

In three simple steps!



Buy your food and peel your game pieces to reveal your game stickers!



Reveal your stickers, have you won anything? Don’t forget the online code!



Don’t forget to enter your online code on the McDonald’s website There are two prizes to win every minute!

Other Prizes to Win!

And if all of the above prizes are not enough to get you in store, then there is a whole lot more you can win! From millions of instant win food prizes, vouchers and money off it’s crazy! We’d love to hear what stickers you’ve got so far, in our Prize Choice Monopoly poll!

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