Prize Vault Monopoly is Coming to McDonald’s!

The well known world-wide McDonald’s Monopoly competition is coming on the 19th March 2014 to the UK in the form of “Prize Vault Monopoly“. In the UK McDonald’s regularly theme the competition, last year we had “McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes” and this year it’s the Prize Vault. But what does it mean?

We took a snoop around the newly launched McDonald’s Monopoly Site and what we think the prize vault means is this:
Users will be able to login online, once again to the McDonald’s website and submit “CODES” into a new prize vault, this enters the user into an online competition where they can win lots of prizes! Every minute Mcdonald’s will be giving away CASH. The online cash prizes we are already aware of include:

  • £200 (1,162 to be won)
  • £50 (4,980 to be won)
  • £20 (11,952 to be won)
  • £10 (41,666 to be won)

This is a first for McDonad’s to be giving away cash every minute just be entering a code online! You really have to give it a go when the site goes live on the 19th March 2014.

As well as great prizes to be won online, you’ll still be able to enter the ever popular sticker game, and be in for a chance to win rare prizes by finding rare stickers!

This year some of the fantastic prizes include!
  • 500 iPad Air’s
  • £100,000 in CASH
  • 20 Mini Cooper’s
  • 1000 XBOX ONE’s

And a whole lot more, we’ll be covering the full competition so keep checking back to get the latest prize news, competition news, and rare sticker information!