Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces 2012

We’ve managed to get our hands on the list of pieces from this years McDonald’s Monopoly that are rare (the ones that bag you the prizes!).

McDonald’s are once again giving you the chance to win some MASSIVE prizes in their in-store collect-and-win game. With the purchase of specific McDonald’s products (or without purchase by mail), you can collect McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces that correspond to the properties from the original USA Monopoly board. With those game pieces, you can win instantly, or you can collect Monopoly properties for the chance to win big prizes like a million dollars cash, cars, vacations, and more. (See full list of prizes)

Our list below shows you which game pieces from each property are rare. So, take a deep breathe and find out if you have one a prize! (The aim of this list is to prevent prize scammers from tricking you into trading pieces with them!)

Which McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes Codes Are Rare in 2012?

  • Mediterranean Avenue (#925) and Baltic Avenue (#926) (8,500 Prizes): $50 cash. Mediterranean Avenue is the rare Monopoly game piece.
  • Oriental Avenue (#927), Vermont Avenue (#928), Connecticut Avenue (#929) (20 Prizes): $5,000 cash. Vermont Avenue is the rare piece.
  • St. Charles Place (#930), States Avenue (#931), Virginia Avenue (#932) (250 Prizes): A Beaches Luxury-Included family vacation worth $7,500. Virginia Avenue is rare.
  • St. James Place (#9339), Tennessee Avenue (#934), New York Avenue (#935) (20 Prizes):$10,000 cash. Tennessee Avenue is rare.
  • Kentucky Avenue (#936), Indiana Avenue (#937), Illinois Avenue (#938) (20 Prizes): A trip to Any Delta Vacations Destination worth $10,000. Kentucky Avenue is rare.
  • Atlantic Avenue (#939), Ventnor Avenue (#940), Marvin Gardens (#941) (20 Prizes): $20,000 cash. Ventnor Avenue is rare.
  • Pacific Avenue (#942), N. Carolina Avenue (#943), Pennsylvania Avenue (#944) (20 Prizes): A 2013 Fiat 500 Sport Hatchback worth $18,500. Pennsylvania Avenue is the rare Monopoly piece.
  • Park Place (#945), Boardwalk (#946) (2 Prizes): $1,000,000 payable as an annuity. Boardwalk is the rare game piece. Winning the million-dollar prize is going to be hard!
  • Reading Railroad (#947), Pennsylvania Railroad (#948), B&O Railroad (#949), Short Line (#950) (20 Prizes): An EA Sports fan trip worth $7,000.

So there you have it! Remember the only way to win big prizes is the Collect-to-Win game by McDonald’s. You can also win instantly, and there a literally millions of food prizes to be given away! So don’t feel short changed if you don’t win a car, or a vacation, because a free burger is always nice!

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