Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces 2014 USA

McDonald’s Monopoly sure are keeping us busy this year! With two competitions running simultaneously in Australia and now the USA. The competition kicks off today and there are plenty of prizes up for grabs. As always we’ve put together a list of rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces for the USA competition!

If you have started collecting pieces from McDonald’s Monopoly then check our list below to see if you have a rare piece! Even if you dont have a rare piece hold onto it as you may need it later on in the competition!


This list is CONFIRMED HERE FIRST. [Last Updated: 1/10/2014]
A big thank you to our dedicated community and visitors for helping complete the list!

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Rare PropertyPrize# of Rare Pieces
Mediterranean Avenue$50 Cash1000 Rare Pieces [Brown Property Set]
Vermont AvenueShell Fuel for a Year4 Rare Pieces [Blue Property Set]
Virginia Avenue$50005 Rare Stickers [Pink Property Set]
Tennessee Avenue$2500 + Samsung Galaxy S® 5238 Rare Stickers [Orange Property Set]
Kentucky AvenueDestination Dream Holidays20 Rare Pieces [Red Property Set]
Ventnor AvenueLuxury Caribbean Holiday75 Rare Pieces [Yellow Property Set]
Pennsylvania AvenueCessna Private Jet Trip2 Rare Pieces [Green Property Set]
Boardwalk$1,000,000 Cash1 Rare Pieces [Dark Blue Property Set]
Short Line$5000 Target Shopping Money10 Rare Pieces [Stations Property Set]
Water Works$10,000 To Help Pay Bills4 Rare Pieces [Stations Property Set]

How To Get McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces

To win any of the “collect to win” prizes above, you’ll need to complete a set of stickers, all of which can be obtained in-store (and via post) from any participating McDonald’s Restaurant in the USA, and participating meal. The idea of McDonald’s Monopoly USA is to collect as many pieces as you can, and look for a “rare piece” which we’ve outlined above. You’ll need all pieces to complete a set, it’s just the rare pieces are extremely hard to find! So keep your eyes peeled!

How Enter Rare Pieces Online?

With the online game you’ll receive a code on each piece to the game. That code can be entered online, unfortunately there is no rare or not so rare pieces. You can also win instant-win prize which are redeemable online with their own unique code!

Happy eating everyone!

Remember comment below if you’ve won anything or if you need any help regarding this years McDonalds Monopoly Competition! (2014)

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  1. Chris Sharp
    Chris Sharp says:

    sure, you did, Frank. if you lost boardwalk and now you know its worth 1,000,000 I am 100% certain you would go dig through that trash..wherever, your city drops it off at. get real, bro.

  2. Rachel Sison
    Rachel Sison says:

    I have Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, N. Carolina Avenue, Marvin Gardens, States Avenue, Baltic Avenue, Oriental Avenue, and Connecticut avenue. I’m willing to trade any of these for a Tennessee Avenue

    Please contact me at rachelsison1393@yahoo.com if you’re interested

  3. Susan Cooper
    Susan Cooper says:

    I won the smart phone and $2500 when I got the Tennessee sticker. They sent me the forms by Fed EX and I had to get it notarized along with a copy of W9 form from IRS and my driver’s license number. I sent everything back and it will be several weeks before I get it. Now I see all these comments from people saying they will split the prize if someone will give them the rare sticker. Why would any sane person give away their rare sticker when the other ones are a dime a dozen? No way was I going to sell Tennessee when I got the entire prize myself.

  4. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Thanks for the help! I love the competiton and always play yearly! This site helped find the rare pieces :) I also just saw the donate button, and I hope you’re developers enjoy their cuppa i donated 😀

  5. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I have….

    3-Pacific Avenues
    1-North Carolina

    1-Baltic Avenue

    1-Electric Company

    1-Park Place

    1-States Avenue

    2-New York Avenue

    2-Illiniose Avenue

    1-Marvin Gardens
    1-Atlantic Avenue

    1-Reading Railroad

  6. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Why on earth if you had the rare piece would you go half or any at all with some random stranger?? You know how many doubles/triples I have of all the ones that aren’t rare? Missing the “rare” piece in each one and I can guarantee I will never see any of the rare pieces.

  7. Brittany Cerna
    Brittany Cerna says:

    Couple of pieces I’m missing to win… Light blue Vermont Avenue, bright pink Virginia Avenue, orange Tennessee Avenue, waterworks, yellow Ventura Avenue, red Kentucky Avenue, short line railroad
    I have all others
    Email me:

  8. Brittany Cerna
    Brittany Cerna says:

    Couple of pieces I’m missing to win… Light blue Vermont Avenue, bright pink Virginia Avenue, orange Tennessee Avenue, waterworks, yellow Ventura Avenue, red Kentucky Avenue, short line railroad
    I have all others
    Email me bgcerna@gmail.com

  9. FlapperAdapter
    FlapperAdapter says:

    I got a free parking but when you enter it online it said it isn’t win so I threw away. Apparently only the first 3 people to enter it won the 10k or whatever. Such bukakka


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