McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances Rare Pieces – 2015 (UK)

It’s that time of year again when McDonald’s and Monopoly team together for one of the biggest sweepstakes of the year! This years McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances has a new way to win too! Find out more about the Win Per Restaurant Prizes. As always we’ve put together a list of rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces for the UK Golden Chances competition!

If you have started collecting pieces from McDonald’s Monopoly then check our list below to see if you have a rare piece! Even if you dont have a rare piece hold onto it as you may need it later on in the competition, you never know when you’ll win a prize!


This list is CONFIRMED HERE FIRST. [Last Updated: 19/03/2015]
A big thank you to our dedicated community and visitors for helping complete the list!

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Rare PropertyPrize# of Rare Pieces
Old Kent RoadWireless Speakers50,000 Rare Pieces [Brown Property Set]
Euston Road£30 boohoo.com7,500 Rare Pieces [Blue Property Set]
Northumberl’d AvenueHeadphones1,500 Rare Stickers [Pink Property Set]
Marlborough StreetSamsung Camera750 Rare Stickers [Orange Property Set]
Strand£500 Shopping Spree400 Rare Pieces [Red Property Set]
Coventry StreetVIP Film Premiere20 Rare Pieces [Yellow Property Set]
Bond StreetMini Cooper15 Rare Pieces [Green Property Set]
Mayfair£100,0004 Rare Pieces [Dark Blue Property Set]
Liverpool St StationEuropean Holidays750 Rare Pieces [Stations Property Set]

How To Get McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces

To win any of the “collect to win” prizes above, you’ll need to complete a set of stickers, all of which can be obtained in-store (and via post) from any participating McDonald’s Restaurant in the UK, and participating meals. The idea of McDonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances is to collect as many pieces as you can, and look for a “rare piece” which we’ve outlined above. You’ll need all of the pieces to complete a set, it’s just the rare pieces are extremely hard to find! So keep your eyes open!

How To Win Online Prizes

With the online game you’ll receive a code on each piece to the game. That code can be entered online, unfortunately there is no rare or not so rare pieces it is completely random. This year online you can win cash prizes from the competition, and of course we have that information too see this years prize list for more information!

Cash to be won online every minute:

Prize# Available to win

Happy eating everyone!

Remember comment below if you’ve won anything or if you need any help regarding this years McDonalds Monopoly Competition! (2015) And don’t forget to take part in our community poll and tell us what pieces you have, this helps us verify our date :)!

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  1. Oliver Crabtree
    Oliver Crabtree says:

    Just won Old Kent Road: Wireless Speakers! Cant believe it! Do I just go in to my local store and tell them at the counter?

  2. Lisha
    Lisha says:

    what is the rare prixe for tge reds. Ive got all the reds except strand. Which im guessing is the rare prize ?

  3. Janeviv
    Janeviv says:

    Hi, I have just had a look at my monopoly sticker and noticed I had a green regent street mini cooper ticket. But there isn’t any email address printed on it informing me on how to claim! What does this mean as the Expiry, Code and unique reference no are all visible, wouldn’t these mean it’s authentic? Help!

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    I’ve got the top 5 rare ones. Can’t get the normal ones haha I’ve resorted to literally buying McDonald’s for the fun and stealing peoples throw aways now hahaha

  5. Jess
    Jess says:

    I discovered a Liverpool St ticket last night and I have won myself a European holiday! I can’t actually believe it!!

  6. Kimberley
    Kimberley says:

    Hey, im just wondering, do you have any unused codes that people read to try and win.
    i know its very very sneaky and maybe against the rules but my friend was just wondering and i said i will ask for her so…..if you dont do have codes for last year that still may be valid for users. i shouldn’t probably be making this comment or request but i wouldnt say no to a friend. OK so if u do hav anyting then… im all ears….xxxbyexxx Mwah

  7. abbie
    abbie says:

    I have won a ‘go to jail’ monopoly sticker. It says no win on it but it also says rules apply. I was wondering what it means and if I have won anything?

  8. Jamine
    Jamine says:

    Hi, i’ve got the ‘go to jail, no win card’ but it also says ‘rules apply’ but I don’t know what it’s for and what I do with it, please help.

  9. Robert
    Robert says:

    Haha, can’t believe people are getting all excited because they have 2 of a set and think they are close to winning. Unless you have 1 of the rare ones listed above it don’t mean jack. You are still as far away from winning as somebody who has never bought McDonalds in their life haha

  10. roro
    roro says:

    If anyone wants fleet street or pentonville road to complete their set, I am happy to split the prize 2:1 (2 for you, 1/3 for me) :)


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