Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces Australia 2013

Its a new year and a new round of McDonalds Monopoly! It’s kicking off in Australia for the next few months so as usual we’ve comprised a list of the Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces Australia!

Here is our official list of Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces for Australia!

  • Old Ken Road is the rare brown mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Euston Road is the rare light blue mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Whitehall is the rare pink mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Piccadilly is the rare yellow mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Marlborough Street is the rare orange mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Fleet Street is the rare red mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Regent Street is the rare green mcdonald’s monopoly piece.
  • Park Lane is the rare purple mcdonald’s monopoly piece. This is the rarest and the prize value is the highest for this piece!
  • Fenchurch St Station is the rare station for this years McDonalds Monopoly Australia.

And there you go folk! Get collecting and trading on ebay as the only way to win big prizes is to get a whole set! You can also win instantly in-store and believe us there a millions of prizes being given away this year! Ebay or our McDonalds Monopoly Store are great places to exchange pieces!

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    • Monopoly Millions
      Monopoly Millions says:

      Hi will, it sounds like this pass will get you 1 free entry into a top attraction in australia, please check mcdonalds terms and conditions to find out exactly what attractions this permits. We have found very limited information online but should we hear more we will post an update :)

    • Monopoly Millions
      Monopoly Millions says:

      We’ve conducted further results and taken a deeper look into eBay and GumTree ads, we are now finding that Marlborough Street is the rare orange! Sorry for the error and we’ll update our listing at once :) If you have any information on prizes we’d love to hear it !

  1. Gwen Bates
    Gwen Bates says:

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    Thank You
    Gwen Bates


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