Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Stickers 2016 – Prize Choice Monopoly UK

Woah… woah… woah! Did someone say McDonald’s Monopoly 2016?! That’s right! Prize Choice Monopoly has kicked off in the UK, and as always we got your back! We’ve composed a table of all the rare pieces you will need to obtain to win a super duper prize during this years’ competition. So sit back, and read on my fellow player!

This list is COMFIRMED.
[Last Updated: 28/03/2016]
Thank you to everyone who helped put this list together. Tell us what pieces you have in our sticker poll.

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Rare PropertyPrize# of Rare Pieces
Old Kent RoadANY McDONALD’S® MEDIUM EXTRA VALUE MEAL1,000,000 Rare Pieces [Brown Property Set]
Euston Road£30 BOOHOO.COM7,500 Rare Pieces [Blue Property Set]
Northumberl’d AvenueBEATS BY DR. DRE HEADPHONES1,500 Rare Stickers [Pink Property Set]
Marlborough Street£250 RED LETTER DAYS EXPERIENCE 800 Rare Stickers [Orange Property Set]
StrandSONY 40″ LED TV or SPEAKER400 Rare Pieces [Red Property Set]
Coventry StreetUNMISSABLE® HOLIDAY20 Rare Pieces [Yellow Property Set]
Bond StreetMINI COOPER15 Rare Pieces [Green Property Set]
Mayfair£100,000 CASH4 Rare Pieces [Dark Blue Property Set]
Liverpool St StationSEE TICKETS £500 VOUCHER750 Rare Pieces [Stations Property Set]

How To Get McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces

To win any of the “collect to win” prizes above, you’ll need to complete the set of stickers that relate to the prize. All of which can be obtained in-store (and via post) from any participating McDonald’s Restaurant in the UK, and participating meals.

For the first time ever, Prize Choice Monopoly 2016 allows players and winners to choose their prizes! So, if you collect all of the red property sticker sets, include the rare sticker, you can choose between the TV or the Speaker!

What prizes can I win?

This year there are as always, millions of prizes to be won. From instant wins, collect to wins and online cash wins. We’ve put together a list of the prizes available this year, and how you can win them. So definitely check out the Prize Choice Monopoly Prize List.

If you found this list of rare pieces helpful please comment below and tell us what you’ve won so far (or not won!) We love hearing from our visitors. Happy eating players!

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