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Posts tagged with ‘McDonalds’

  • Only 1 Mini Cooper Left To Be Won

    By Matt on April 17, 2012
    Congratulations to 10 lucky winners so far, we’ve received news that there are only 10 Mini Coopers left! If you know of or are a lucky winner of one of these Mini’s comment below we’d love to hear from you. Other Prizes Left Taking a look at other prizes won from the Monopoly Millions 2012 competition shows us that: Over […]

  • Rare Stickers 2012

    By Matt on March 31, 2012
    We have finally through sources and fast-food eaters been able to propagate the rare and not so rare stickers from this years Monopoly Millions. Find composed below our results! Comment below if you have any questions or want any help on these Property Stickers & Rare Sticker’s 2012 Brown Stickers Old Kent Road Whitechapel Road Blue Stickers The Angel Islington […]
  • Who won the first Mini Cooper from Monopoly Millions Game?

    By Matt on March 28, 2012
    We have been keeping a close eye on the McDonald’s website tracking the prizes won, and recently we noticed a lucky fast-food eater has bagged themselves a brand new Mini Cooper. If you are the lucky winner comment below letting us know what you think of you new car! If anyone else has won great prizes are we are quickly […]
  • How To Get Monopoly Stickers

    By Matt on March 22, 2012
    Below is a table concluding of all McDonald Products you can gain game-play stickers from! PRODUCT NUMBER OF GAME STICKERS NUMBER OF ONLINE STICKERS Medium Fries One One Large Fries Two One Medium Soft Drink* One One Large Soft Drink* Two One Premium Salad* Two One Chicken Legend® Two One Chicken Selects® – 3 or 5 Pieces Two One Quarter […]
  • Monopoly Millions 2012 Prizes

    By Matt on March 22, 2012
    McDonalds Monopoly USA Prizes   This year McDonalds Monopoly are giving away Millions of prizes! The Prizes have been split into three categories. Online Cash Prizes, Instant Wins and Collect To win. Below is a list of all prizes available per category Online Cash Prizes Up for grabs in this category are: Over 40,000 £10 Prizes Over 10,000 £20 Prizes […]