[POLL] What stickers have you got this year?

We rely on our fantastic community to tell us what pieces they get, so enter our sticker poll and we’ll be able to generate our list of rare pieces that you will need to obtain to win in this years McDonald’s Monopoly competition!


[POLL] What Stickers Have You Got So Far?

With just a few days to go until the McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances competition starts in the UK, and we are kicking off our poll early!


[POLL] What stickers have you got today?

It’s day two of the McDonald’s Monopoly Prize Vault competition and the party has just got started! We’re going to start an annual poll, where you tell us what stickers you’ve won each day you play! Some stickers are instant wins, some are properties. So we have listed all of the stickers below.


What Stickers Have You Got Today? [POLL]

It’s the second day of the competition and as one of the biggest fansites online we want to know what stickers you’ve gotten today :) Just enter in the poll today and comment below if you’ve won anything!!


[POLL] What Sets Are You Near Completing?

We’d love to hear what sets your nearing completing or what stickers you need to complete a set!

So simply check the buttons below that apply to you and vote :) The vote will last till the end of the competition so get voting quick :)