[POLL] What Stickers Have You Got So Far?

With just a few days to go until the McDonalds Monopoly Golden Chances competition starts in the UK, and we are kicking off our poll early! We rely heavily on our committed community to tell us what stickers they get. This helps us make a list of the rare pieces, which help you know if you have won!

All you have to do is simply check the sticker(s) you’ve won and then right at the bottom hit vote! From this poll we’ll be able to verify our list, and we’ll also be able to tell you some cool facts and figures regarding this years prizes

What Sticker Did You Get Today?

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Thank’s for taking part, and good luck in the competition. You have until the 28th of April 2015, to collect stickers! Happy eating, and don’t forget to comment below!

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    • Matt
      Matt says:

      These are a new type of rare piece introduced by Mcdonald’s Monopoly Golden Chances. Each store has an additional fixed number of prices that you can win. These stickers are part of the sweepstake to win that prize. Check our prize list here to see what you can win in-store.

  1. Lexi
    Lexi says:

    Rare pieces I have:

    3x Regent Street
    2x Oxford Street

    3x Trafalgar Square
    1x Fleet Street

    3x Whitechapel Road

    (Light Blue)
    3x Pentonville Road

    4x Piccadilly

    3x Vine Street
    1x Bow Street

    2x Pall Mall

    (Dark Blue)
    2x Park Lane

    (European Holiday)
    1x Kingcross Station
    2x Marylebone Station
    3x Fenchurch Station

  2. Chris Broder
    Chris Broder says:

    Hi i have street repairs and have never had one before and cant find any info on them ??? What do they mean ?
    Thanks chris

  3. shonah gittins
    shonah gittins says:

    I got a hotel repairs sticker. I threw it away because I didn’t think anything of it. was this a prize?

  4. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Does anybody no how to claim the prize I have both brown properties and tried every where but cannot seem to claim them, even been into store and they don’t no ??? Thanks

  5. James
    James says:

    Why do people feel the need to lie to complete strangers? 124 x Mayfairs collected even though only 4 have been printed? Get a life people, you’ve nothing to lose by being honest :-)

  6. HT
    HT says:

    Hi guys I would really appreciate it if someone gave me Euston Road. It is my favourite property in the actual game and I would like to have it’s sticker. I have a few different stickers I would trade such as, pall mall, northumberland, white chapel, bow street, trafalgar square, mayfair, kings cross, liverpool or instant win OZSALE $10 E-Voucher