[POLL] What stickers have you got today?

It’s day two of the McDonald’s Monopoly Prize Vault competition and the party has just got started! We’re going to start an annual poll, where you tell us what stickers you’ve won each day you play! Some stickers are instant wins, some are properties. So we have listed all of the stickers below.

All you have to do is simply check the sticker(s) you’ve won and then right at the bottom hit vote! From this poll we’ll be able to verify our McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Pieces list, and we’ll also be able to tell you some cool facts and figures regarding this years prizes!

What Sticker Did You Get Today?

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Thank’s for taking part, and good luck in the competition. You have until the 29th of April to collect stickers! Happy eating!

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  1. erin
    erin says:

    i need mayfair leicster square coventry street marlbourough street
    northumberland avenue bond street liverpool st station strand trafalgar square euston road and old kent road plz message me if u want to give me any of those

  2. romeo
    romeo says:

    @Cameron Gaskell i have liverpool station how much will you pay?

    or swap with me? i need Euston, regent, fenchurch, old kent, or whitehall.

  3. Casey Donovan
    Casey Donovan says:

    I’m in need of euston road, park lane, old kent road, Whitehall, Marlborough street, Fleet Street, regent street, fen church rail station

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